Friday, September 12, 2014

Timeline of earliest portrayals of crucified Christ

Portrayals of crucifixion
34 (?)
Jesus Christ crucified

1st 3rd  centuries
Written documents about cross and crucifixion

2nd 3rd century

Alexamenon graffito
Bloodstone amulet

Constantinian dynasty 305 - 363
Valentinian dynasty
364 - 379
Constantin the Great abolishes crucifixion
AD 337 (?)

Crucified and the Twelve Apostles
Theodosian dynasty
379 – 457
Leonid dynasty
457 - 518

Basilica of Santa Sabina, Rome
Maskell ivories, Rome
AD 420
Christ Triumphant
Justinian dynasty
518 - 602

Crosses and crucifixes become common symbols in Christianity
Crosses in mosaics and other works of art, icons portraying the Crucified as the victor.

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