Sunday, September 7, 2014

About this blog

In this blog I try to illuminate crucial developments in the depiction of the Crucified using actual objects and pieces of art as the key.

As the artistic and historical evidence is so massive and complex I can here only scratch the surface of the subject. However, as the focus is in changes and developments in the depiction of the Crucified the study is classification of selected materials only rather than an attempt to comprehensive study.

Felicia Harley-McGown
Yale University, Divinity School
The numerous scholarly papers of Felicia Harley-McGown on the earliest portrayals of Christ crucified are essential building materials for this blog. She expertly discusses all the known evidence and also takes the Biblical texts carefully into account. In fact, reading the original articles will give an excellent understanding of the subject. Perhaps this blog can serve as a short introduction to those detailed publications. Online bibliography

I am alsograteful to the British Museum Highlights for their image service. This has enabled me to include in this blog a first class photo of the important portrayal of crucifixion in the Maskell ivories.

In this and all my blogs I have found wikipedia indispensable in two ways: many of the articles are excellent overviews of the subject and the writers are able to express complex matters compactly in clear and concise style. Often I find it wiser just to quote part of the wikipedia article than to try to paraphrase the information in my own words.

I am grateful of your contributions, comments, corrections and additions to improve and enrich the blog.

Soli Deo Gloria

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